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Here is the link to my video project:

Please let me know if you are able to view it, I am happy to transfer it to you using a different platform - whichever will be most convenient for you.

My video is titled Zeits' MOCCA: Africa's Art Capital. There is a play on the dual meaning of the word capital. There is a subtle meaning in the idea of social capital, but the majour inferences are either that the Zeits museum is a central location for African art or that the museum is utilising African art as a financial asset. The insertion of the apostrophe into the museum's name stresses the matter of ownership.

The video may be a bit long and tedious (the incessant repetition of the music plays a part) but I do feel it generates some nuanced ideas. I could happily extrapolate a text based essay from the inferred meaning but I worry about being redundant or, worse, didactic.

In short, the project is about the border between art and business. In the video, the opening of the Zeits Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is contextualised, by its founders, as a financial investment. I have edited together found footage, cut some of what is said, put it to music, and tried to make it optimistic - as if it were a promotional video.

I hope that you enjoy the project!


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