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Divine Material

A digital installation investigating the internal conflicts that arise, when representing the divine, in the Christian monotheistic faith. The work builds on the comparative allegory between the religious and the digital; the digital, like the divine, cannot be directly accessed. Every image perceived on a screen is merely an iteration or performance of the ‘truth’, likewise every miracle is only an echo of what it is claimed to represent. The ‘echo’ is the only point of contact. However, it is material and the veneration of the material unforgivable (Exodus 20:4).
The work is an immersive digital-religious space. The space is demarcated as holy and the viewer is obliged to remove their shoes before passing through the blackout curtain at the entrance.  Inside are looped videos of a digitally generated golden cow. Each act is projected onto three panels of suspended cloth which form an obelisk. The cloth is soaked in frankincense and presented in tandem with an audio piece (comprised of a digital recital of a poem obscured by loud ambient noise).
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