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Hunter and His Dog

Spirit, digital video, 3,59min.

Comprised of three parts, The Hunter and His Dog is a reflection on the western mythologizing of the white male.


Based on John Gibson’s ‘Hunter and Dog’ each part of the work references an element of the ‘tripartite theology of being’; each respond to past moments:  



Between 312 – 315 AD a monumental sculpture of the Roman emperor Constantine was constructed. It served as a vain attempt to immortalise his image. Only fragments survive; the right foot alone is over two metres long.



The 18th century saw the height of Neoclassicism intersect with the ‘Age of Enlightenment’. At the time ‘aesthetic didacticism’ became popular, rooted in the belief that art making was an objective, intellectual project and that drawing could render a ‘true’ image.



On the 5th of the 6th 2008 I was baptised by my father.

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Worldart_Hunter and His Dog_Exhibition
Man and his dog whit.jpg
Soul, graphite on paper, 1,36m x 2,46m.
Body, cardboard, wood, acrylic, 2,75m x 1,83m.
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